Re: Logout button lost shutdown/reboot

Logan Rathbone wrote:
On Thu, 16 Dec 2004 15:35:51 +0100
Bob Alexander <bob ngi it> wrote:

I have installed Gnome 2.8 on my Debian unstable laptop.

Until this morning all ws quite allright.

Now suddendly when I click on the Logout button, it immediately logs out without asking if I wanted to logout, shutdown or reboot.

Doing this as the normal "bob" user.

Tried removing, recreating the button but unsurprisingly nothing improved.



What was missing was the dialog coming up when I clicked the logout button asking for confirmation and giving the shutdown and reboot additional options.

Got that back by Gnome Menu -> Applications -> Desktop Preferences -> Advanced -> Sessions and there flagging the "Prompt on logout" check box.

Really have no idea of how the setting was lost ...

Goodnight everybody.


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