Re: Installing desktop icons from a centralized location, for all users

 --- Bhupinder Ahuja <bpsahuja hotmail com> wrote: 
> Hello,
> I am making an rpm of a file viewer. Is there any
> centralized location in 
> GNOME, where, if we put a .desktop file(the file
> that maps icon to the 
> application), the desktop icon is visible to all the
> users on the system. 
> What I want is the behaviour exactly similat to
> "Trash" icon, which is there 
> on the desktop, for all users.
> Currently, I have to install the icon for each user
> by copying the .desktop 
> file in the ~ directory.
> Is there any way - "copy once - get on all".

For current users:

find /home/*/Desktop -maxdepth 0 -exec cp
/whereever/icon/is '{}' ';'

For future users (those who are not created yet):

Create a "Desktop" directory in /etc/skel and put your
icon in there.


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