Re: Imlib and GnomeCanvas

On Mon, 2004-12-13 at 15:27 -0600, Eckhoff, Michael A wrote:
> Regarding gdk_imlib_get_colormap, I get a compilation error (for
> canvas1.c) with CFLAGS = `pkg-config --cflags libgnomeui-2.0`
>    undefined reference to `gdk_imlib_get_colormap'
> This function is not in the GDK 2.5.4 Reference Manual, even under
> the Index of deprecated symbols. In fact, I see no references to
> any gdk_imlib_ functions. Is Imlib gone from Gtk/Gnome?

Hi Micheal,

I have no idea about gnome-canvas or imlib, but I just did a quick look
through the strings and dependencies of the gnomecanvas and gdk-pixbuf
and it looks like gtk no longer needs imlib. I'd just try it without
pushing the visual and colormap as I assume gtk should know what to do
if it's using gdk-pixbuf. But I'm probably wrong :) 


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