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Sean Middleditch wrote:
On Sat, 2004-12-11 at 19:25 +0100, Heinrich Rebehn wrote:

Toralf Lund wrote:

Can I change the GNOME fileselector behaviour so that I can type in the filename?

This is a lot faster and (ahem) *user friendlier* if you know in advance what you are looking for...

I have to second that. Also, how can i access files that are on an automounted (nonbrowsable) directory?

We don't want to display path names.  Having to understand the magic /
character (I know at least 6 people that call that "backslash") sucks.

?? I have absolutely no problems with pathnames and / ??

The file selector has autocomplete, you don't need the full file entry
in most cases.  When you do, use ctrl-f.  It works, and it doesn't
require shoving more widgets into the main selector UI.

When i hit ctrl/f and type the beginning of a path and hit TAB, nothing happens, only the text input box closes.

As for automounting, if you can't browse to the target directory, your
automounter is broken.

No. The fileselector is broken, because it does not let me browse all places that i can browse with the shell. There are scenarios where not all dirs in the path exist/are readable, such as:
- home directories. The default setup for the solaris
  automounter specifies "-nobrowse" for the home directories.
- Automount table with wildcard entries
- Imagine a user who wants to grant you access to a specific dir
  without letting you browse his entire home tree. He sets perms
  of his home dir to 0711 and his 'exchange' dir to 0755.
  In a shell you can do 'ls /home/user/exchange', in the fileselect
  box you're lost.

  There should be empty folders that expand into
the full automounted tree when accessed.  If you are using an
automounter that can't do that, then make symlinks (i.e., /some-server

/some-server.mount).  I used to do that with an old, old system so I

could tab-complete from the shell to automounted directories.

That would just be a workaround for a poorly designed fileselect box


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