Re: Disable close button on gnome-terminal

I do not contribute to this list or this project as much I would like, so I usually sit on my hands. I have been using Gnome as my sole desktop for couple of years now.

Please, do not make me confirm that I really want to close the terminal every time. Yes, I do sometimes shoot myself in the foot, that reinforces in me the need to be more careful.

If I lose this argument, at least tie the confirmation to the close button. If I type "exit", take me at my word.


Tom Lamm

On 12/07/04 05:13:13, Julien Olivier wrote:

> This confirmation dialog exists since 2.8.

On gnome-terminal 2.9.2, I get this message only if the terminal had at
least two open tabs. I think what he wants is to have this dialog even
if you only have one tab opened.

Julien Olivier <julo altern org>

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