Disable close button on gnome-terminal

   I'm doing a migration on a company, from a text-based setup to GNOME
2.6 (on Debian sarge). They still have to use a legacy app that is run
on a gnome-terminal.

   There have been some problems with users accidentally closing GNOME
terminal. The legacy app does not handle that kind of shutdown cleanly,
so data may be corrupted or lost.

  Is there any way to disable the close button (and other ways of
closing from the WM, for example right click on the taskbar)? 

  At least it would be nice to have a confirm dialog when users close
the window, because they might lose unsaved data (on any terminal

  I've tried disabling ALL close buttons via gconf
(/apps/metacity/general/button_layout) but it's not a real fix (and
lefts a lot of apps without close button).

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and that while we make our constructions robust and durable we do not also
strive to make them elegant?
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with the secret conditions of harmony?
    -- Gustave Eiffel, 1887

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