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On Tue, 2004-08-17 at 14:37 -0700, Wayne Pinette wrote:
> First, my apologize if this has been asked a thousand times before, but
> Im new to the list and need an answer to the problem :-)
> I have a new server which is actually giong to be a server for multiple
> people logging on via X-windows in an intranet environment.
> The box itself is pretty darn scookum so Im not too worried about load.
>  What I would like is that their gnome environment when they
> login has very few options.  ie,the panel has a shell terminal starter,
> emacs editor, mozilla launcher and a logout.  I can easily do this with
> the gui for a single user but every new user needs this done, and there
> will be new users added and users deleted every 4 months.  Is there
> a way to setup the default panels?  I have looked at the web sites and
> other lists and can't seem to find a "proper" way to accomplish this.
> Wayne Pinette
> P.S.
> Running redhat linux AS 3.0 with gnome version 2.2.2

Create a new user called, say, template and set it up as you like.  Then
copy the contents /home/template/ (including .files) into /etc/skel and
that should be the default for new users that are created.

Tom Wesley <tom tomaw org>

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