Re: lost thumbnails in gthumb

On Mon, 16 Aug 2004 12:42:49 +0900
Victor Munoz <vmunoz macul ciencias uchile cl> wrote:

> Hello. I have a strange problem using gthumb 2.4.1 in Debian Sid. I have
> tried asking this in Debian mailing lists, googling and such, without
> success. Maybe someone here as a clue.
> I'm not able to see any thumbnails when browsing directories with
> gthumb. Other users in the same computer are able to browse the same
> directories without problem, but I, the owner of the pictures, cannot,
> ironically. Selecting a thumbnail shows the full picture, but thumbnails
> specifically do not show. I have a ~/.thumbnails directory full of
> thumbnails in the normal/ subdirectory. 
> Does gthumb take the thumbnails from ~/.thumbnails?


> I don't have a
> ~/.gthumb directory to play with, only the ~/.gnome2 which, if I delete
> it, might help, but I'd prefer to try something less drastic first.

Did you check if you a gthumb compiled with png support? I suspect so, but
do you have the libpng package installed? Mind, even if the image is JPEG,
the thumbnail is still PNG.


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