lost thumbnails in gthumb

Hello. I have a strange problem using gthumb 2.4.1 in Debian Sid. I have 
tried asking this in Debian mailing lists, googling and such, without
success. Maybe someone here as a clue.

I'm not able to see any thumbnails when browsing directories with gthumb.
Other users in the same computer are able to browse the same directories
without problem, but I, the owner of the pictures, cannot, ironically.
Selecting a thumbnail shows the full picture, but thumbnails specifically do
not show. I have a ~/.thumbnails directory full of thumbnails in the normal/

I thought some misconfiguration in the system could be responsible, but
removing/reinstalling gthumb, or deleting the .thumbnails directory, did not
work. By the way, Nautilus is able to show thumbnails when browsing

Does gthumb take the thumbnails from ~/.thumbnails? I don't have a ~/.gthumb
directory to play with, only the ~/.gnome2 which, if I delete it, might
help, but I'd prefer to try something less drastic first.

I don't remember doing anything strange with gthumb or the pictures
directory, except uploading more pictures this week, so this is a mistery
for me.

Regards, and thanks for any help,


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