Re: ISO: method for windows to stay where they are put

From: Mariano =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Su=E1rez-Alvarez?= <mariano gnome org>

> Doesn't opening the Applications->Desktop Preferences->Windows control
> dialog, and unckecking the "Raise selected window after an interval"
> do that for you?

1. This is Sun's GNOME 2.0 release.  The 
Applications->Desktop Preferences->Windows focus dialog has these options:

Click to give focus
Point to give focus
Point to give focus and raise window on focus

When either the first or last of these are selected, windows raise when
you try to use them.

When the second of these is selected, the windows will maintain their
stacking order until you attempt to select or paste text to the window - at
which point metacity raises the window to the top.

What is being sought is an alternative that allows one to copy and paste
to the window and the window maintain its stacking position until the
user specifically alters the position.
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