Re: Newbie questions

On Thu, 2003-09-18 at 21:25, Skip Evans wrote:

> 1) When I open an application, it does not create a 
> button on the toolbar below. And when I minimize the 
> application it flies off into the bottom right hand 
> corner and dissapears, apparently closing! I can't get 
> it back unless I reopen it! I've opened a shell and 
> done a ps waux | grep (user name) and apparently the 
> processes are still running, I just can't get at them 
> on my desktop.

You need to right click the panel, then from the resulting menu select
'Add to Panel' > 'Utility' > 'Window List'. This is the applet which
displays running tasks, and which your disappearing tasks are zooming
down to meet!

> 2) When I change the names of the workspaces on the 
> toolbar, the system does not save the new names.

I don't use this feature myself, but it seems to work fine in GNOME 2.4.
Can't help much on this I'm afraid!

> 3) Lastly, I can't find in the interface where to set 
> up a samba mount to our Windows server. Is there a GUI 
> tool for this or do I need to go command prompt?

Redhat 9 ships redhat-config-samba which seems to do the necessary.


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