Re: gnome-terminal mouse bindings

On Sun, Nov 16, 2003 at 06:54:18PM -0800 or thereabouts, Laurence Yaffe wrote:
> I recently started using the Gnome2 (by upgrading my desktop machine
> to Redhat 9).  The antialiased fonts look nice, but the fact that
> gnome-terminal no longer obeys standard cut-n-paste mouse bindings
> within its window I find intolerable.  Specifically, the fact that
> a right button click no longer extends a selection, it now brings up
> a popup menu which just duplicates functionality in the menu bar.)
> I have looked in vain for any way to customize mouse bindings.
> Have I missed something?  Is there any way to fix this mis-feature?
> Apologies if this query should have gone to a more specific list.

Yes! Someone else who misses this! At least, I think we are talking
about the same thing.
Opened by hobbit aloss ukuu org uk (Telsa Gwynne) on  2002-08-30
gnome-terminal - 2.0.x  general  RESOLVED  useful selection method has vanished.

The resolution, incidentally, is NOTABUG. Grr. Before you try to
reopen it, though, bear in mind that when I was on the release
team I held up a release-team phone call for half an hour (the
calls are an hour long) passionately trying to justify my view
that the loss of this feature was a serious bug. I didn't get
very far :) 

I still maintain that with a stylus, this method was far, _far_


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