Re: [Usability] panel transparancy


> 	This isn't really on topic for usability gnome org  The question should
> really be directed to gnome-list gnome org 

> > 
> > Sorry for the stupid question but how call I call panel right click menu
> > to add an applet or change panel prefferences if I've made the panel
> > transparent and I can click only on the icons on it ?
> 	You can still click on the panel. The panel is transparent, but its
> still there. e.g. just because you can see through a window doesn't that
> the window isn't there :-)

The problem that I actually created panel-edge-bottom and removed
hide_buttons. I guess I should use menu panel for that ? So icons on a
panel don't set the size of it.  

Thak you anyway.

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