Re: Changing WM in Red Hat 9, Gnome 2.2

You have to use the gconf-editor and set your windomanager there. Full
path is needed.

Just click through the tree somewhere there is a path that points to
metacity. replace that and point it to sawfish.


On Fri, 2003-05-02 at 16:41, Thad Peck wrote:
> Ok I give....  How do I switch to the Sawfish WM in Gnome 2.2.  I've 
> searched everywhere and it's not obvious to me.  I saw a post saying to 
> set the WINDOW_MANAGER to sawfish but this did not work for me and my 
> C-Shell env.
> TIA Thad
Robert Schweikert <Robert Schweikert abaqus com>

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