Re: Missing panel

On Fri, 2003-03-28 at 19:15, cr wrote:
> On Saturday 29 March 2003 01:42, John Fleck wrote:
> > > 'gnome-panel' just gave me a 'not found', however and wherever I typed
> > > it, and Midnight Commander couldn't find any 'gnome-panel' anywhere on
> > > the system.
> >
> > What version of GNOME? In 1.x, it was called "panel" IIRC.
> >
> > Cheers,
> > John
> Good question.   So good, it even occurred to me   ;)
> 'The version that came with Red Hat 7.2' sounds really lame, but would you 
> believe I've looked and can't find *anything* that tells me a Gnome version 
> number.    I guess maybe a year old by now, it probably is a 1.x.
> System Info brings up a nice box with a Gnome symbol and even a list of 
> contributors, and tells me I'm running RH7.2, but nowhere does it mention 
> what Gnome it is.
> Clicking on the panel and bringing up 'About Gnome' gives a nice scrolling 
> window with a long list of contributors and links to Gnome News / main / 
> Developers, but it doesn't show a version number!
> Maybe there was something and it got lost at the same time the panel did.
> But anyway, 'panel' works.

The best way I know to find the version is to just look at the version
of the gnome packages, gnome-core in particular.
I believe that would be "rpm -q gnome-core" for redhat users, but I

Also, I don't recall if that actually matches the official gnome version
number exactly, but the first two digits should match (e.g., 1.4, 2.2).



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