Re: login no work

On Mon, Mar 17, 2003 at 01:14:37PM +0000, kim agusti wrote:
> I have installed Linux-Mandrake 9.0 distribution. The
> system has always worked fine. My son which is a boy
> 11 years old likes to familiarise himself with
> configuration options. He can not login in gnome
> desktop environment now, but login in KDE is OK.
> The problem is when he get the login dialogue box,
> fills the user and password word and then return. The
> computer start the login process but before getting
> the gnome-logo the system abort and return to the
> login dialogue box. 

Firstly, try looking in ~/.xsession-errors (~ being the home directory
of your son's account). See if there are any useful looking mesages

Secondly, change to a text terminal (<ctrl>-<alt>-<f1> from the X login
screen), log in as your son and try starting X manually (run startx).
Any error messages will then be printed to the terminal. If he has a
custom .xsession file in his home directory, copy (or link) that to
.xinitrc before running startx.

It's hard to know exactly what is going wrong just based on your
description, except to say that something is happening _very_ early in
the process, since you are not getting any dialog boxes popping up with
error messages.


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