HI folks

I have the follwing problem wondered if you can help.

I use the follwing code from the nanohttp.h library from the libxml2

ctxt = xmlNanoHTTPMethod(sURL,"POST",NULL,&contentType,sXML1,len);

if (ctxt == NULL)
   xmlGenericError(xmlGenericErrorContext,"%s %s failed\n", "POST",sURL);

It works fine sending a request to my HTTP server.

I then want to send back a response

HTTP Server sending response

if (send(sClientSocket, szResponse, strlen(szResponse), 0) == SOCKET_ERROR)
	*WSAError = WSAGetLastError();
	ErrMsgOut(ERR_LOG, "SendResponse():send(): error %d\n", *WSAError);
	return SEND_ERROR;
return SEND_OK;

CLient getting response

output = xmlBufferCreate ();
if (output == NULL) return -1;

len = xmlNanoHTTPRead (ctxt, output, sizeof (output));


The send client returns the number of bytes sent but the xmlNanoHTTPRead returns 0 and I get no data back.

What could be wrong

Thanks in advance

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