RH8 gnome2 long delay startup problems

I've installed RH8 in a Dell Inspiron 8200 (1,8Gz, 256 Ram) ... and everything goes good.

After the first boot when i log on using gnome all slows down ... gnome takes 30 or more seconds to start, after is started all applications takes 10 or more seconds to start ... (gnome-terminal or gedit too) When I try an hdparm -t (harddisk reading performance test) on a xterm it says 10 MB/sec, going (with ctrl+alt+fx) on a virtual terminal the result is the same. When i log out from gnome and make the test again it says 20 MB/sec.

With kde goes perfectly and the speed is high (but I don't like kde).

I've tried to remove all the gnome/gconf/nautilus/metacity preference files in my home ... but no good. I've created another
user (to try from scratch) .. but after the 1 logon, it slows all down.

I've tried saving the session, not saving the session ... but nothing change.

I have no iptables policy defined (all chains ACCEPT), localhost is defined in host file, the network runs good, sgi_fam is running, the only strange error in xfree log is: "client x rejected from local host" where x is a number (5 or 6).

.... now ... please help!

thanks and bye

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