disable crash dialog (bug buddy)

To create coredumps for crashed applications, I can use the following
commands for gnome1.4 apps:

'ulimit -c unlimited'
'<appname> --disable-crash-dialog'

When the app crashes, it doesn't show a bug-buddy window, but creates a
coredump, that one could examine using gdb.

in the list of options (with --help) for gnome 2.2 apps, the option is
listed, but has no effect. Even with --disable-crash-dialog, it shows a
bug-buddy window after a crash, and I see no possibilities how to create
a coredump.

To be sure it isn't the problem of the app I am working on, I wrote a
simple forloop that prints the contents of argv[] just before
gnome_program_init() is called. Also, '--help' is processed correctly.

I use the following config:
Red Hat 8.0
Ximian XD2

Could this be Ximian or Red Hat (probably Ximian) who disabled the
function to motivate (force?) users to do bugreports? If so, where do I
find a good gnome-libs(?) RPM?


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