Difference between delete-window and logout

gnome-terminal behaves differently if I use the "delete-window" button on the (window-manager-supplied) title bar and when I use the logout button on the Gnome Panel.

Apparantly, this difference in exit path causes the Korn shell to behave differently also. I run ksh93 as my login shell and if I use the "delete-window" function to close gnome-terminal before I logout, then all of the ksh processes in the tabbed windows die correctly.

If, on the other hand, I leave gnome-terminal running and simply rely on the normal gnome-session logout to kill gnome-terminal, then the ksh processes do not die, but instead continue to run with ppid set (now) to init.

I tried to look at the sources for gnome-terminal for clues, but I do not understand the Gnome-gtk-whatever interactions involved. Can anyone shed light on the different paths each exit method takes and why the Korn shell might behave differently in each path?


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