Problems with ksh93 and gnome-terminal

I start gnome with gdm and allow the master gdm process to source all of
my .profile/.kshrc/etc scripts.  My gnome-terminal normally runs with
three open windows.

I find that when I exit gnome, gnome-terminal exits but none of the
ksh93 processes exit.  They instead get inheirited by init.  This means
that after several days, I have *lots* of ksh processes hanging around
doing nothing.

I do not want to use the login shell option to gnome-terminal as that
involves a lot of unnecessary overhead.  I think I need gnome-terminal
to send HUP to all subshells when it exits.  The ksh processes all start
up in their own process group, so they do not automatically receive any
signals from gnome-terminal.

Does anyone have any insight into gnome-terminal operation, or do I need
to go diving into the source?


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