Problem when un-maximizing apps in RedHat 8


I've noticed a problem with a lot of apps on Red Hat 8 (in GNOME). Open
an application's window. Resize it to -say- 400x300. Now maximize it and
close it. Next time, it'll restart maximized but un-maximizing it won't
make the window back to 400x300. Instead it will remain at about
1024x768 (the screen's size). I've noticed this problem in apps like
Mozilla, Evolution, OOO, Abiword, Gnumeric, Gthumb, Kmail etc...
I mailed Havoc Pennington about this problem but he replied me that
Metacity has nothing to do with that, which is right in fact. To verify
that, I tried the same thing in KDE (still on Red Hat 8). In KDE, when
you un-maximize the window, it goes back to a pre-defined dimension,
whichis not the dimension the app add before you maximized it. I
concluded that, if Metacity doesn't know the app's un-maximized size, it
keeps the app's maximized size whereas kwin defaults to a pre-defined

Should I send this email to the developers of every single app on RedHat
8 (except Gedit) to tell them to save the window's size before
maximizing it or is there abetter solution ?


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