Re: Need Distro Recommendation

Lars Strojny wrote:
Jlawrence tacenergy com wrote on Mon, 13 Jan 2003 11:18:29 -0600:

Hello List,

Being somewhat of a Linux newbie, I have always defaulted to Red Hat
since it was the easiest to install and get up and running.  Now that I
have a*little* experience under my belt, I would like to try something
different. I am somewhat miffed about RH 8.0 and how it customizes Gnome
for you, so I would like to get some people's recommendation for a
distribution that meets these requirements:

1.  Plays well with laptops.  This will be going on my Dell Inspiron
2650. Except for the Nvidia video chipset, everything "just works."  I
can get the video working just fine.  Because I am inexperienced with
hardware, I need a distro that will auto-detect these sorts of things.
2.  Has a current (>2.0) version and stock install of Gnome.  This is the
main reason that I want to try something different - I want a stock
install of Gnome that hasn't been jacked with in some way.

So, any suggestions?

Josh Lawrence

I don't know about your experience in Linux but I think that Gentoo-Linux
is the right for you.

Anyone identifying themselves as 'somewhat of a Linux newbie' should not be looking at Gentoo.

Check out SuSE 8.1 or Mandrake 9.0. I personally have been quite impressed with the ease of installation of SuSE 8.1. I've done 4 installs over the past few days. Very clean installs.

Until later: Geoffrey		esoteric 3times25 net

The latest, most widespread virus?  Microsoft end user agreement.
Think about it...

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