Re: Adding Launchers to GNOME 'Office' Menu

I just looked in my /usr/share/applications directory, and it is a
'flat' directory of all applications.  That is, there is no hierarchy as
there is in the GNOME menu, so I do not understand how you would change
the applications' levels.

It's specified in the "Categories" line of each file. If for example you look at the file net-gftp.desktop in that directory, the line says


"X-Red-Hat-Extra" is what specifies it's under the "Extras" directory. "Network" ties it to the "Internet" subdirectory - change "X-Red-Hat-Extra" to "X-Red-Hat-Base" and your gFTP entry will move up to the top level "Internet" menu. I'd guess that "Application" is just there to differentiate it from a sub-menu; but I could be way off base.

Of course the menu folders themselves are not specified in that directory - they are in /usr/share/desktop-menu-files for some reason.

I'm guessing (and hoping) that this rather odd setup was just thrown together as a stop-gap until Gnome2 put it's menu-editing house in order. :-)

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