Re: Adding Launchers to GNOME 'Office' Menu


I just looked in my /usr/share/applications directory, and it is a
'flat' directory of all applications.  That is, there is no hierarchy as
there is in the GNOME menu, so I do not understand how you would change
the applications' levels.


On Sat, 2003-01-25 at 18:10, Travis Saling wrote:
> You can do this truly manually by creating/editing files in 
> /usr/share/applications.  I've used this to move some things from the 
> "Extras" menu up to the top level, and also to create new launchers for 
> programs.
> Of course when editing by hand it's easiest to just ignore the 
> internationalization lines - there's only five or six (really obvious) 
> entries you need to be concerned about.
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