Adding Launchers to GNOME 'Office' Menu

I am using GNOME 2 with Red Hat 8.0.

I just installed OpenOffice 1.0.2 on the above system, but the installer
did not add launchers to the GNOME menu, so I am attempting to do this
manually, but have not had any success.  I am attempting to add
launchers for each of the OpenOffice apps in the 'Office' submenu of the
main GNOME menu.

I am trying to do this using Nautilus as root.  However, when I try to
add a launcher within the 'Office' subfolder, by going through the
various steps of telling the launcher what to launch and what icon to
use, and then click on 'OK', the launcher is not added.  There is no
error message, however.  

To get around this problem, I have tried copying another launcher that
already exists in the 'Office' folder, with the idea of editing it to
launch an OpenOffice app, but I receive the following error message:

"Error 'Unsupported Operation' while copying"

I think there is probably a file permission problem somewhere, but I can
not even read the permissions on the 'Office' folder, even as root.

Here is a summary of the permissions and problems:

start-here => Applications =>    Office            
   777             777        "Permissions of      
                              'Office' could       
                              not be determined"

                             Also, I can not make
                             a copy of an existing
                             launcher within the 
                             'Office' folder as root: 
                             "Error 'Unsupported Operation'
                             while copying"                 
What am I doing incorrectly?


Barry Skidmore <skidmore mail worldvenue org>

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