gnome-terminal 2: Changing font size when going fullscreen...

a gnome-terminal2 quesion.I am using gnome-terminal 2.01, packaged with
Red Hat 8.0.

Often I find myself wishing I could "zoom" my terminal to full screen,
so when someone is looking over my shoulder they can see the contents of
my text console.

I've assigned Shift-Control-F to "Full Screen". SO far so good.

Now, is there any way I can assign a keybinding to change the point size
of my console text? There doesn't seem to be any method to assign a
Profile to a keybinding.I can navigate the menus using keybindings, and
then use arrows, but this is not ideal.

I have a speedy workaround -- Control - ALT - F1 and demo in the
standard console. I'd rather stay inside GNOME. :-)

Please Reply All (not a list member).


Scott Prive

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