Re: Need Distro Recommendation

> > > Just as a matter of interest, if one replaces (say) a Red Hat
distro of Linux, with a Debian one, what happens to all ones files on the drives? And particularly stuff like browser settings, Kmail folders and
so on.
> > > Are they retained the same way as they are when upgrading from
one RedHat version to a later one?

> > Upgrading never works the way you want. Just backup your stuff,
and start fresh. Really. NO joke.
> Stephen is correct.
> I *never* upgrade from one version of a distro to another, let alone
> one distro to a different one. I always back up my existing /home
> to a re-writeable CD and then do a clean install. It's by far the
> way, in my opinion.
> So I can't answer your question, sorry.
> Keith
It's a matter of how you install :
- many distros propose options to only upgrade packages at the installation. I never did this because it's much longer (just as upgrading an installed rpm is longer than installing an uninstalled one) - if you have a separate partition for /home (do this at the first install), you can install a new distro without formatting that partition. So all the files, settings and folder in your home won't be overridden. Of course there will be some things to set again (gnome2 and gnome-1.4 don't share their settings, for instance - if your upgrade from gnome1 to gnome2, you lose your desktop settings). I did this many times.
Bertrand Dekoninck.

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