alt-drag on Sawfish (was Re: About the nautilus speed)

Ben FrantzDale <bfrantzdale hmc edu>:
 On Wed, 2003-01-15 at 19:12, George Farris wrote:
 > Hasn't alt-drag been used for years for moving a window?  It does that
 > on my system at any rate.  Sawfish, maybe Metacity no longer supports
 > that.  Again too bad.

 Yes, it has. My install of Metacity does by default. I know
 Enlightenment does. I'm not sure about Sawfish.

There is some confusion between Linux distributions as to whether the
Windows key or Alt should be used for window manager functions.
Depending on how your system installed itself, either of these could
be mapped to Meta, which could cause interference with Emacs.

In any case, it is trivial to rebind keys in sawfish.  I don't know
about metacity.


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