pkgconfig-0.14.0-sparc-sun-solaris2.8: pkg.c does not compile

Hi all,

When I try to compile pkgconfig-0.14.0 on sparc-sun-solaris2.8
I get the following message:

"/user/lemaitre/gnome/pkgconfig-0.14.0/pkg.c", line 816: cannot do
pointer arithmetic on operand of unknown size

I fixed it by changing line 816 of file pkg.c:
old code:
  if (strcmp (system_dir_iter->data, iter->data + offset) == 0)
new code:
  if (strcmp (system_dir_iter->data, (gchar*)iter->data + offset) == 0) 
/* add cast */

Best wishes for 2003!


I do not know if this is the good place
for bug report for pkgconfig. Sorry if not!

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