Re: About the nautilus speed

On Tue, 2003-01-14 at 08:52, Azrael wrote:
> I think this is a good move. Only one thing concerns me.. when I right
> click something, it is the down part of the click that makes the menu
> appear (so far so good) but the corresponding mouse-off of that same
> click can trigger a menu option if the mouse is over it (as it obviously
> is going to be unless the mouse moves away at the same time as
> clicking.. this is awkward and a little annoying.
> note that if you click and release very fast, there doesn't appear to be
> this problem, only if you're slow (as I often can be if I am thining too
> hard on what I am doing) and click... then wait for menu to appear, then
> release... (in order to then think and find something to click) only to
> realise that the release of mouse activates the menu. Perhaps the menu
> could be made to respond to only the down stroke ... but then again.. I
> think many people click-and hold... find option.. then release in order
> to do what they want.. so anyway.. I'm rambling now...

This is standard gtk context menu behavior.


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