Re: About the nautilus speed

I don't use the right mouse dragging, but I think the delay will make the user amaze with it, because I can get the popup menu just in time when I right click in other gtk2 application, but
in nautilus I must wait for some seconds.

another question is where can I disable the right mouse button dragging ?


Manuel Clos wrote:

younker wrote:


Hi younker,

I think that nautilus's speed is more faster than nautilus 1, but I
found some problem in the latest test version, I have installed gnome2
test release 2.1.5 and when I just start gnome2 and right click the
desktop the popup menu will show quickly with no delay, but after I use

Yes, this is the correct behaviour.

nautilus to browse some folder then I right click the desktop  or right
click in the nautilus the popup menu will show with a obvious delay.

This delay is needed to know if you want the pop up menu (no mouse movement) or if you want to drag the file/dir around, which will give you a pop up menu of operations after you drop the file/dir.

I think this is a big bug, hope can be solved when gnome2 2.2.0 released.

So, no, this is not being solved in gnome 2.2. Unless right mouse button dragging is disabled.

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