Re: Newb questions....

On Thu, 2003-12-18 at 20:54, Eric Pierce wrote:
> (damn... 1st post and I screw up the Subject!)
> Hi ho,
> I'm attemping to transition from IceWM to Gnome, and I
> have a few Gnome questions.
> #1.  How do I tie a keyboard shortcut to an and/or a
> nice long Rxvt load string (or any app for that
> matter) something like:
> rxvt -geometry 156x58 -name MC -fg white -bg black -sl
> 3000 -st -e mc ~/

This is a hidden feature.  Open the program 'gconf-editor' (located
under System Tools as Configuration Editor) and browse to


There's a set of keys in there named run_command_n for n from 1 to 12. 
Pick an unused one (they're probably all unused) and set the value to
some key sequence.  You can look at some of the other keybindings in
there to see the format.  Now go to


There are 12 keys of the form command_n.  Pick the corresponding one,
and type in your command.  It should now work.

> #2.  How do I get Gkrellm to automatically load on all
> desktops and not be focusable?

There's a GNOME configuration plugin for GKrellM.  Look at the very
bottom of the page of

I don't remember what things it lets you configure.  It may not be able
to put the window on all workspaces, but it looks like you've already
got that handled with Devil's Pie.  I think it can make it not focusable
and not in the window list.


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