RE: Gnome Packaging

> When I started looking at Gnome Office, obviously I was 
> forced to look at Gnome.  Looking at Gnome is like looking at 
> a giant stirring pot, a cauldron if you like.  Lots of things 
> smushed together, stirred around, making a fantastic potion.  
> I'm asking if there is any merit to using lots of smaller 
> cauldrons instead of one big one, because it might be easier 
> to manage the smaller ones through delegation than it is by 
> having lots of people stirring in on a big pot.

I quite clearly said that I agree that a separate GNOME Office release set
is a good idea purely as a matter of organisation, and luckily Gnome Office
does already exist. I quite clearly said that I hope that that release set
will be as well organised as the Platform and Desktop release sets. I see no
need to further separate the Platform or Desktop release sets because they
are currently well organised. In theory that could change of course if
Desktop gets a lot bigger.

But you also said that you wanted to further separate the Platform or
Desktop release sets in order to make it easy for the "I like it lean and
mean" people to install gentoo just like they like it. But I think that's a
task for gentoo, not for GNOME.

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net

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