Re: Getting applications to load in particular workspaces [Was: Re: window list skip/hide

On Wed, 2003-12-03 at 10:31, Larry W. Virden wrote:
> The best I can find related to getting windows to load in a workspace is
> devilspie's DevilsPieActionSetWorkspace action.  This forces applications
> to end up in particular workspaces.
> I guess I am astounded/shocked/bewildered that metacity (at least the
> version in Sun's GNOME 2.0 distribution) provides workspaces but no way
> to get applications to start up in particular workspaces... is this a
> bug, or a situation where no one has had time to provide that
> functionality, or just something that no one else needs?

I think devilspie allows you to set this, but a bit inflexible, As far
as I can see there is no facility to say "current" 

> Anyways, I have not seen any tools to get applications to follow you
> as you move to another workspace.  You can pin the application so it
> is available on all workspaces...

Unfortunately at least on linux gnome, this is what it does by default
and seems unchamgable.

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