Re: highlight features of gedit

> On Thu, 2003-08-28 at 14:47, petri kanerva surfeu fi wrote:
>> Upgrade to gedit 2.3.x.
>> Can't remember was it there from 2.3.0, but use the latest version and
>> it'll have it.
> That means I'll have to upgrade a lot of different files to be able to
> compile gedit !?

Well, not that many. Can't say exactly, but I'm using gnome 2.2 packages
mostly, only a few 2.3.x packages. Mostly the programs I use a lot, and
that have gotten some features I like. But as I said, it really isn't so
many package. From the top of my head I'd say less that 10. Might even be
aroud 5 or less. Someone that knows or can check, please enlighten us. I'm
not on my own comp now, so can't check.


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