Again: Created menu items only visible for root

I didn't get any response for the message below, so I'm trying once more.
If someone knows an alternative place to ask my question, please indicate.
I forgot to mention that I'm talking about Gnome 2.2.

I created new menu items for the the menu panel as described in
Help -> Desktop -> Sys.Admin.Guide: writing .desktop files and putting
them into place (applications-all-users:///) with Nautilus as root. Now
these new items work when I start X as root, but they are invisible for a
normal user. Setting the execute bit of the .desktop file for 'rest of the
world' didn't help.

Frank Hrebabetzky	Tel.:     +55 / 48 / 235 1106
Florianopolis			  +55 / 48 / 9998 7686
Brazil			email:	  frankh terra com br

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