Re: Starting Gnome2 in SuSe 8.2

On Sat, 2003-08-16 at 19:42, Joe Bennett wrote:
> I apologize for incompetence but I am unable to start Gnome in SuSe 8.2.  I 
> had no such problem with 8.1.  As to the graphical interface, SuSe offers 
> only the default, KDE, and safe options and using the system configuration 
> tool provides no help.  Via the konsole, this happens: 

I believe that's a bug with SuSE GNOME packages, we had the same
situation here with several installations.

If you have installed KDE by default and tried to add GNOME later using
yast2, GNOME doesn't show up in any display manager's session list.

I've been told that, if you remove all KDE packages and install GNOME,
then install KDE back, it will work like expected but you're warned,
this might not work.

You may want to try some SuSE mailing lists instead, hopefully you'll
get decent answers.
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