Re: Network proxy port limitation

On Thu, 2003-08-14 at 01:43, Alberto Manuel Brandão Simões wrote:
> But we still need a 'no proxy' entry! Plz? :-D

This will be (at the earliest) GNOME 2.4.1 stuff. We have recently put
in the gnome-vfs support for this stuff (even that did not go
brilliantly smoothly). The control-centre changes are partially written
and will be looked at again after the 2.4 release. If you really cannot
wait (and do not wish to contribute a control-centre patch yourself),
then there will possibly be something in the 2.4 release notes about how
to set this feature using gconftool-2.

Remember, we are on time-based releases here, so periodically, new
features have to stop going in and there is no logic in rushing features
after the deadline.


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