Re: Network proxy port limitation

On Wed, 2003-08-13 at 11:18, Malcolm Tredinnick wrote:
> On Wed, 2003-08-13 at 02:27, Charlie Cano wrote:
> > Has anyone else run into the limitation of 10000 being the highest
> > port number supported by the network proxy configuration in Gnome?  I
> > work for a "Big Company," and they use Websense as a proxy is at port
> > 15871...
> > 
> > Is there any way around this?
> Oh, bugger. There is at least one bug open about this in bugzilla and I
> thought I had already sent in a fix and had it applied. But apparently I
> only applied it to my tree.

OK, I take it back. I am not insane.

The patch is attached to this bug (back in May):

Jonathan, release team: can somebody help this patch get in, please?
It's a really stupid bug when it bites you and is a trivial change.

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