Re: gnome2 repairs


Thanks for the reply. 

> It might be a better idea to find out how can your configuration get
> corrupted, for a long term solution.

True, but a) the RedHat 8.0 installation was shakey to begin with
(many broken functions), and b) I know when things went sour with
user's gnome2. Something that wouldn't run as it should under gnome2
caused X to crash, and since then my desktop has acted wildly.

> Since GNOME is a fairly simple and easy-to-use desktop environment;
> it might be a way lot easier to just remove ~/.gnome2 and ~/.gconf
> to start building a new one from scratch.

Strange. I find it intimidating compared to gnome-1.4. I have to guess
the function of files, and editing the larger XML files is a
pain. Since you can't readily edit its innards, I ended just up just 
copying over the two folders from a backup. Don't know the results,
yet (do I have to restart X to see the effect of this substitution?)

I have a question that may be unpopular in this forum: To what extent
can I do without a desktop manager? I like gnome-panel, for it tells
me which app is minimized and what virtual desktop is active, and also
the time. It also holds a few gnome applets of use. How much of gnome
must be installed to have these features?

Haines Brown

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