Re: separate backgrounds with dual monitor

I usually just make one large background image and literally paste the two in there, for instance, I have a 1280x1024 monitor and a 1152x864 monitor so I make an image in gimp that is ((1280+1152) x 1024) = 2432x1024, and I arrange the images how I want them to look on the monitors.


Alan wrote:

Hi folks.  I just got myself a geforce4 ti4200 with dual monitor output
working nicely with the TwinView (not xinerama) setup in my XF86Config....
Just wondering if there any way to have separate backgounds on the
separate monitors (ie: bg1.png showing on head 0 and bg2.png on head 1)? Gnome 2.2 deals with the separate heads "properly" (ie: panel only shows on the main one, etc), so I'm guessing this *might* be possible.



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