Re: Solaris Render and 32-bit pixmaps?

Hi Greg,

Greg Hudson wrote:

I've built GNOME 2.2 from source on Solaris 9, and have found that
programs won't generally run on my test machine; they get "BadValue" X
errors trying to create 32-bit pixmaps.

I believe that is because the machine has a somewhat lame frame buffer
("ATI PGX PCI 8-bit [m64]") which only supports a bit depth of 24.
Based on the discussion in
<>, it would appear
that the X server is violating the spec by claiming to support the
Render extension without supporting 32-bit pixmaps.

Have other people run into this problem?  Are there known workarounds
other than rebuilding without Xrender?  (That's next on my list to
try; I hope I can build it that way successfully and that performance
is acceptable.)

   No, I'm not aware of any workaround for this problem. The first version
of Render for Xsun didn't implement the spec fully (e.g. not 32 pixmaps). This has been "fixed" by not advertising the Render extension for framebuffer
   that do not support this format.
Atm there is an effort in Sun to add 32-bit pix support for most Sun's framebuffer
So hopefully Render will work properly on most Sun Framebuffer soon :)



Erwann Chénedé, Sun Microsystems, Ireland
         from Grenoble, France
[ I speak for myself, not for my employer ]

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