sawfish-2.0 and microGUI and gmp

Hi all,

when implementing sylpheed with gpg support I came to the conclusion to upgrade libgmp from 3.x to gmp-4.1 (i.e., to get gpg and gpgme running. I had libgmp installed from rpm. Upon removing the rpm, the message was: libgmp is need by librep. Anyway, I removed the rpm, compile libgmp without problems and got gpgme to work. In meanwhile I recompiled librep, rep-gtk and sawfish-2.0 again, but still sawfish-2.0 produces a segfault if the I use the microGUI (especially for gtk-1.2 apps like sylpheed), crux as a theme runs fine. The output in .xsession-errors is:

randraw.c:118: GNU MP assertion failed: ((mp_limb_t) 1 << m2exp) > c
rep: received fatal signal: Aborted

struct debug_buf common:

Backtrace in `fatal_signal_handler':

Lisp backtrace:
#2   random ...
#1   place-window-randomly ...
#0   place-window (#<window 2400002>)

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