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is118149 mail udlap mx wrote:

Well well I 've finally finished with the gnome 2 compilation but ...

1) Since it, when I run the gnome-terminal, everything appears in black and white ( I mean, when I typed ls before it, the directories were blue ... an so on ).

there is a environment variable called DIRCOLORS which is responsible for displaying the kind of colors,
normally the configuration for that is stored under /etc/DIRCOLORS

This works however only if you have the GNU version of ls installed, AFAIK *BSD variants do not come with it by default (or at least OpenBSD ).

use "set" or "env" to find out if the DIRCOLORS environment variable is set.

2) I have problems with Nautilus ... the right word in spanish is " Pestaņas" ( Since I use gnome in spanish, I don't know the exact word for it )

Sorry, I only know German,English,French, no spanish yet :-)

3) Were -forgive me God - the hell can I configure the window manager ( I wnat to use metacity ... )

I have done like this, go to Applications -> Desktop Settings -> Advanced -> Session Properties

from there remove and stop the sawfish (or the windowmanager you use) process, and "add" metacity. start metacity, log out and save that
session and re-login in. -> Enjoy.

BTW, good choice to use metacity, as for me sawfish is horribly broken in gnome2. metacity works fine, also does not have the dozens of useless configuration options and is fast.

4) When I run gnome 2, the gnome volume control applet is "invisible " ( when I click on it, it functions, but I can't see any icon )

Sure you have staretd the soundserver ? Check, to see go Applications -> Desktop Settings -> Sound and look if start Sound Server on startup is enabled. Also see if the kernel module for your soundcard is loaded, in case of devfs you need to create a symlink from /dev/sound/dsp /dev/dsp and /dev/sound/mixer /dev/mixer, as esd and volume-mixer applet do not recognize the new locations for devfs.

NOTE: Currently I'm writing this message from a Gnome-1.4 installation, so all is from Scratch.


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