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You probably have the option to apply colors and styles to non-KDE applications
enabled, in your KDE desktop. Try to disable it -- depending on which KDE version you have, it's located either in the "Colors" or "Styles" module, under "Look and Feel" in the KDE Control Center.



I'm cross-posting this to Gnome and KDE since both wm's are involved.

When I run Gnome-based apps in KDE, they have the grey "Gradient" theme (from
old Gnome), which makes them hard to read at the top of the dialog box -
small black text on a dark grey background - especially if it is a tall
dialog. I cannot figure out where they are getting this setting; when I boot
into Gnome, I don't have the Gradient theme chosen (though I did at one time,
about a year and a half ago) and the same apps do not display in gradient
form; nor do they when logged in as root under KDE. Changing my Gnome theme
does not seem to affect the theme used by Gnome apps under KDE

Ideas, hints, solutions? I have been though and through the config files and
directories (even tried 'find . * | grep "gradient"' in /etc and /home)
without any luck.

Jay aka "Florida Yankee"
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