Re: No fonts in GNOME 2

On Mon, 27 May 2002, Adam Williams wrote:

> I just installed GNOME 2 from the GNOME 2 Red Carpet channell.  Previously 
> I had Ximian GNOME 1.4
> Now I have no fonts.  The GDM login text box for usernae/password is about 
> an eight of an inch tall, and the menus are simply dots, and are emty.
> I cna enter my user name and password, and it works,  but still there is 
> not text.
> Writing this via pine on my serial console. :)
> Has anyone seen this before?  Any advice would be greatly appreciated, as 
> I'm pretty screwed at this point.  I expected some problems (this is beta 
> after all) but this is crazy. 

I did. The curious thing is that I installed Gnome 2 at home without major 
problems, then installed it at work in a similar system (software wise) 
and it happened. 

Comparing the two systems gave me no hints. In despair I applied rpm -e 
and rpm -Uvh --oldpackage to *snap* rpms as needed and got back to Gnome 
João Palhoto Matos           
Departamento de Matemática
Instituto Superior Técnico
Lisboa                                      mailto:jmatos math ist utl pt

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