Re: hide from task list (redux)

> Is there a way of making some apps not show in the task list applet, for
> example gkrellm or enlightenments icon box?

I was just poking around the gkrellm Web site - if you're running Gnome
(and I guess Sawfish), there's a gkrellm-gnome plugin. Here's what the
site says it does:

"This plugin will interface GKrellM to Gnome and give you session
management. For Gnome compliant window managers, you can set the
options: ontop, sticky, skip winlist, and skip focus. For the Gnome
panel, you can set the option: don't put on the tasklist."

So apparently it adds the "hint" Havoc referred to.

Travis Saling
Webmaster, UW Electrical Engineering
trav u washington edu / webmaster ee washington edu
(206) 543-8984

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