Re: hide from task list

> Is there a way of making some apps not show in the task list applet, for
> example gkrellm or enlightenments icon box?

Are you running Enlightenment at your Window Manager? You should just be
able to hold <Alt> down while right-clicking on gkrellm. Select "Toggle
Skip Window List", then <Alt>-right-click again and select
"Remember...Window List Skip". This worked for me when I tried it just
now - I've got a panel + tasklist running, and gkrellm isn't listed
(plus you can't <Alt>+<Tab> to it either).

I don't know about the Iconbox. It seems a bit redundant to be running
that and a task list at the same time; at least to me. I prefer the
tasklist so I've turned the Iconbox off. I imagine you could manually
edit your .enlightenment/...e_session-XXXXXX.snapshots.0 file if all
else failed.

I guess Enlightenment and Sawfish handle this "hide app" functionality a
bit differently? [1]

FYI: Check which version of Enlightenment you're running. If it's 16.4
(which I think RedHat still ships), consider getting 16.5 from I used to see various odd things happen when I was
running 16.4. [2]

[1] If so, I'm not saying one way is better than the other - just making
a note of the fact. :-)

[2] It might be worth noting that I'm not running Enlightenment as my
Gnome window manager. I'm starting Enlightenment right from GDM, and
having it launch the Gnome panel (and any other apps I might want). It's
possible there might be some behavior differences because of this
distinction. Gnome-session isn't running, for one thing.

[3] Who started this whole footnote-in-email concept anyway?

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