Help, help, help!!!

 Nautilus is dead & my icons on the desktop gone!
 But this is only the beginning of the story. Nautilus stopped working after 
 n-th crash of my GNOME environment. For several months GNOME has been hanging 
 without warning!!! Verbosely, everything stops (including kernel I think, 
 because I couldn't reboot my computer via net (telnet) --- tcp is dead!). The 
 whole system stops responding. This happens only during _GNOME_ session! KDE 
 sessions are OK till some program based on Mozilla engine runs. This moment 
 is very risky because THIS happend several times during KDE session. I can't 
 remember if I did something special --- THIS may happend any time, any place 
 (for ex. during clicking on a link, or writing something in Emacs). 
 Some words about Nautilus: icons are gone, the program launched by hand 
 starts working and nothing more. Nothing popups, no windows, no messages in 
 var/log/messages, no messages on terminal (besides "GnomeVFS-WARNING **: 
 Unable to convert MIME info from UTF-8 to the current locale pl. MIME info 
 will probably display wrong").
 Evolution is nearly dead (this may be related to the Nautilus silence): 
 everything is ok till I browse a file on may IMAP account. Then, the program 
 stop working. Hangs.
 I beg for help. I do not want to reinstall everything (which probably will 
 not help). Some missing files? After the computer hangs I have to reset it in 
 very brutal way... I did it "n" times...
 Nautilus keeps silence, Evolution hangs, GNOME stops working without direct 
 reason. KDE is very stable till a program based on Mozilla engine is 
 launched. Then it may be unstable (I mean it may hang any time).

 system info:
 PC Pentium IV, 1.6 GHz.
 Mandrake 8.1
 Ximian-GNOME 1.4.x (the latest)
 dynamic IP (this does not matter, because when the IP was fixed all of the 
 calamities happened also)
 XFree 4.x with GeForce II (NVidia-made driver)


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